Rotogravure machine is a high speed printing and packaging machine. It is used to print and pack varied objects like carbon board, plastic foil, vinyl, laminates, aluminum foil and paper with varied thickness. It is also used for various types of bags. For the publication printing, thin paper and coated paper is used.

Generally it is used in printing of publication of magazines and news papers. It is also used in packaging printing. Gravure is used to print wallpaper, stamps and candies wrap laminates. Main unit exhibits synchronized process of in line machineries like unwind unit, in feed unit, printing unit, roller, drying hood, doctor blade unit, inking unit and rewinding unit Main machine frame is build with cast iron material that offers vibration free operations. It is a highly versatile machine that exhibit direct printing process. In this kind of printing, image is wrapping up in to cylinder. It contains long lasting cylinders build with high grade copper coated; chrome finished high grade stainless steel. The engraved cells of cylinder take up ink, with respect to size and depth of the cell.

Rotogravure Machine Manufacturer

Rotogravure Machine
Rotogravure Printing Machine [High Speed]
Rotogravure Printing Machine

Doctor blade is used to remove excess ink. So ink remains only in the cells of cylinder and transferred to object.

It is the old process of printing with modern touch machine. It is high speed Rotogravure machine that offer high production speed. It contains exceedingly durable cylinders. High speed is also coping up by cutting tool.

So all over it is a most modern execution of the procedure of high quality, high speed printing and packaging. It is a continuous process and provides consistent printing quality with uniform printing.

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