Closed Doctor Blade Chamber

Closed Doctor Blade Chamber Manufacturer

At Ishan International Closed Doctor Blade Chamber is a most recent development in the flexographic inking process in the enclosed chamber doctor blade system. In this system there are two doctor blades are used along with an enclosed chamber to dispense the ink to the anilox roll. For an excellent control over ink usage means lower ink consumption by as much as 15% per year.

The patent is of low pressure doctor blade chamber system from Ishan International is designed for full size presses up printing width.

The system is designed with adaptability in mind to provide for perfect inking, perfect printing with no leakage. With easy to use solution this doctor blade chamber system offers low processing costs, short pay-back time with improved quality.

Closed Doctor Blade Chamber type flexo printing machine

Closed Doctor Blade Chamber Supplier

The Closed Doctor Blade Chamber of Ishan International is featured with perfect inking; perfect doctoring also has extremely long blade life due to very low pressure and unique construction. Another feature is it is non-pressure system has a completely sealed inner and outer chamber for a truly ink tight system. The patented two-component end-seals keep the ink on the screen roller surface has extremely rigid construction prevents vibrations and bending of chamber during operation. Closed Doctor Blade Chamber is trustworthy and simple system, designed to meet the highest requirements for quality and productivity. We have the most flexible chamber system on the market; easy to retrofit in almost any flexo print unit with cold formed stainless steel construction prevents corrosion and warping of chamber doctoring system for quick and easy service and maintenance.

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