Blown Film Extrusion Machine

Blown Film Extrusion Machine Manufacturer

At Ishan International Blown Film Extrusion Machine has the capability of biaxial orientation which allows uniformity of mechanical properties. Blown Film Extrusion Machine is used for the manufacture of co-extruded, multi-layerfilmsfor high barrierapplicationsfor example food packaging.

Ishan International offers broad varieties of blown film extrusion lines for numerous diverse applications: grocery bags, clothing/garment/T-shirt bags, trash liners, agro films (mulches, greenhouse films, silage bags and fumigation barriers), food packaging films, shipping packaging films, construction covers, medical packaging, stretch wraps, shrink films and many more. If you need compact and ready-to-use models for producing mono layer films or custom-built co-extrusion machines for manufacturing multilayer films with specific functions, we can absolutely fulfill your requirements.

Blown Film Extrusion Machine Manufacturer in Lucknow

Ishan International has different blown film machines for blowing a variety of high quality PE and PP plastic films. We also have vast experience in developing and manufacturing film extrusion machines. We have all the subtleties of expert, innovative assembling machines.

Additionally our specialized advancement group gives close consideration to our whole machine and improves them in an ideal way. That is the reason our expulsion machines are famous, and we keep on accepting requests from our old clients.

At Ishan International we have best Blown Film Extrusion Machine including with various technical specifications like maximum output, extruder details, two station surface winder and operating requirement. If you want to know about more specifications then visit at
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