D Punch Machine

D Punch Machine Manufacturer

We are regarded as one of major manufacturer and exporter of D-PUNCH MACHINE. We fabricate d-punch machine with unambiguous manner. We follow international conditions and norms for the production of such machinery. We offer standard as well as customized machine with precise mode. Our d-punch machine contains blade with 2 mm thickness. Blade contains 50 mm width. It is provided with 1.5 HP A/C motor.
It is fabricated from high grade construction of material. It is provided with 10 mm plate. It operates with high speed. It offers maximum 1000 bag punching in a single shot. It is provided with efficient control system.

No.1 Bottom Sealing Machine Manufacturer, Supplier & wholesaler in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu
  • Low maintenance
  • High speed
  • Highly accurate
  • operator friendly
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