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The most recent development in the flexographic in king process is chamber doctor blade system Flexo. Two doctor bladesare used along with an enclosed chamberto dispense the ink to the anilox roll. Ananilox rollis a hard cylinder, usually constructed of a steel or aluminum core which is coated by an industrial ceramic whose surface is engraved with millions of very fine dimples, known asaniloxcells. For color consistency and job repeatability, delivering and metering ink to the anilox roller needs to be done correctly. If it is, the system can realize the true volume of the anilox roller, by Michal Lodej.
Newer models have simplified loading and mounting designs that allow for easier installation and consistent blade contact angles with minimal pressure.
Doctor Blade Chamber System Flexo Manufacturers in Raipur

Doctor Blades Chambers System Flexo are actually an essential part of commercial printing. The meters controls the liquid ink and it does this by wiping the cylinder surface of excess ink while the cylinder rotates in an ink supply. With perfect inking, perfect doctoring and extremely long blade life due to very low pressure and unique construction.

Chambered doctor blades are now a standard on all central impression (CI) flexographic presses and high definition (HD) corrugated post printers. After years of being relegated to jobs with low graphics requirements, flexography now rivals other printing methods for quality and efficiency, due in part to advances in the ink delivery process. Specifically, doctor blade chamber systems allow for better control over ink film thickness, color consistency, ink consumption, cleaning costs and press run time.

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