Solvent Less Lamination Machine

Exporter of Solvent Less Lamination Machine

Ishan International is one of the leading Manufacturer and Exporter of Solvent Base Lamination Machine runs UP to 150 mtrs/min and are Laminates Substrates Materials such as Polyster, Poly, BOPP etc and Laminates. We have advanced unique type of import alternative Solvent Base machine to get finest great of coating evenness with in cooperate with international class equipment, sophisticated tension control system to get excessive quality of coating at excessive speed to get most manufacturing at affordable prices and additionally it contend with huge amount quantity of laminates in non-messy and prepared manner.

Solvent Base Lamination Machine Manufacturer in Ranchi

Technical Specification

Working Web Width*1000 mm1300 mm
Max machine speedUp to 150 mtrs/min

Silent Features

  • Pneumatically operated chamber
  • Pneumatic operated doctor blade system
  • Shaftless System for both Unwinders and Rewinder
  • 5 Drive System 03 Drives One each for Coating Unit, Rewinder and 02 Pneumatic breaks for both Unwinder, Laminating Unit
  • Single Decker Bottom Sealing Machine
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