Rotogravure Printing Machine

Rotogravure Printing Machine Manufacturer

Rotogravure Printing Machine Main frame is made of cast iron material that totally supports vibration free operations of machine. High support of cross beam and tie bars made the unit robust and user friendly. Unwind unit of our Rotogrviure Printing Machine contains superb inline arrangement of rollers made from high quality aluminum material. In order to make procedure simple mechanical clutch are provided.


Rotogravure Printing Machine Specifications

Printing Possibilities2 Color4 Color6 Color8 Color10 Color
Web Width*500mm to 1600mm
Max Cylinder Circumference350mm to 800mm
Mechanical Speed**150 to 250 meters/minute

Printing Unit

Printing unit is provided with cylinder and doctor blade. It takes minimum change over time to replace such parts. Doctor blade unit is highly adjustable unit. It can be adjusted as per diameter and angle of placed cylinder. Precisely made linear motion bearings help the unit to oscillate. The shaft, that is made hardened, reduces friction. Reduced friction helps to lessen the load of gear box. Rotogravure printing machine offers tight winding. It completely eliminates stretching of the film.

Printing unit contains doctor blade and cylinder. Unit of doctor blade is very adjustable unit. Doctor blade unit can be adjusted according to angle of the cylinder. It is also depends upon the diameter of the cylinder. The linear motion bearings are provided for easy oscillations. Hardened shaft is used to reduce the friction. It does not allow the stretching of the film.

Drying Unit Of Rotogravure Printing Machine

Every printing station is provided with vertically mounted independent drying hood that lead total drying of web. Drying hoods contains efficient air blowers that consistently dry up the web that is necessary for qualitative colour and print output. Drying unit is specially designed that cope up with the speed of machine. It contains competent air blowers for the uniform drying of web. Accurate control panel resulted effective output with high speed. Control panel with precise system and essential qualitative equipment leads easy, quick and punctual operation.

  • High speed
  • Highly accurate
  • User friendly
  • Easy to operate

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